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The two new features are ...
Published by Jordan on January 2, 2013

Those 2 features i've been hinting at the past few weeks are finally here!

Bonus Points: You gain bonus points by referring your friends! For each friend you've referred, you will gain 1 additional bonus point per hour as long you and they are playing (at the same time on any server and in any game)!

Let's say you referred 5 people. You and 3 of them are playing at the same time (and not the same server or same game). Every hour you will gain an additional 3 points until you stop playing. If one of them stops playing, then you will gain 2 additional points per hour. This stacks on top of your 1 to 2 points per 15 minutes (depending if you're playing on a Premium or Standard server).

Personal Server Lists: You are no longer restricted to gaining points on specific servers. You can now gain points on any server! Every player can add up to 24 servers in any of the supported games. You gain 1 point every 15 minutes when you play on them. Server names that are Dark Green will give you 2 points every 15 minutes instead. If you want your servers to give you 2 points every 15 minutes, you will need to convince the server owner to add their server to Capture The Prize. Give the server owner this link.

Note: You cannot add Idle, Cracked and/or NoSteam servers. Players found adding these types of servers will be permanently banned from the contest.

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